When A Christian Punk Rocker Leaves Christianity with Ojo Taylor

Steve HackmanA few weeks ago I had an interesting conversation with Steve Hackman for his podcast series, Beyond the Pale.  Steve identifies as a Christian, although certainly not your garden variety Evangelical, with open, inclusive, thoughtful questions. He’s had other guests on his program who have also left the faith, including his brother Andrew who has also been a guest contributor on my blog.

Steve introduces our interview…

Hi Pilgrim,

For the next couple podcasts I get to chat with Joe Taylor; but perhaps you know him better as  Ojo Taylor, keyboardist, bassist, and vocalist for the Christian punk band “Undercover”.  Joe didn’t join me so much to talk about his time in one of  Christian music’s most recognisable bands…although we do chat about that.  No, I mean this is Beyond the Pale after all which means Joe has a story to tell and a journey to share.

You see, Joe’s path has taken him outside the Christian faith but as you’ll hear, certainly not outside his faith in humanity.  And that’s where, like talks on previous episodes with my brother or David Young our journey’s intersect.


As he shares, Joe sometimes has to deal with Undercover fans who feel disappointed at his rejection of the faith that he, frankly, had helped build up in them; but his path from childhood catholicism to evangelical rock star back to catholicism and then finally outside the faith altogether has been a trajectory that has brought him a lot of relief, clarity, and purpose.

I know you’re going to enjoy journeying out with Joe Taylor


Part 1 of the podcast is here.
Part 2 of the podcast is here.

Show Index for Part 1
10:15- Catholic Childhood
18:47: Undercover begins
28:47 More “Christian” as an atheist?
30:00 Christian “tribalism”
49:02: The encounter that propelled Ojo from Christianity

Show Index for Part 2
17:05- Fans discover Ojo has left the faith
22:20- Applying reason and logic to life
32:46- Is everyone who loves born of God?
47:26- Ojo on “belief systems”

I am also eternally grateful to Bo Gardiner for her authenticity and willingness to engage and answer my questions those years ago. The link is to some of her work, and places you can follow her.


3 thoughts on “When A Christian Punk Rocker Leaves Christianity with Ojo Taylor

  1. Hey Ojo, heard Steve’s podcast with you. Around the 25 min. mark you talk about an incident at a Canadian music festival. It was “Greenfest”. I wanted to apologize… it was me who drew up the no-smoking sign and my buddies who held it up at your second show. We were also the one’s who held up a large “Undercover” sign at your first show. We were just dumbass kids who didn’t know anything. Anyways, sorry dude… I don’t think that way anymore.

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