Bearing His Cross

I see this guy from time to time, not everyday but often.  Today again, there he was, all day long with his cross waving at people. All day long.  Does he have a right to spend his time however he wants?  Of course.  Does he have a right to express himself?  Undoubtedly.  Does he have a right to do it here on public property?  I am less certain about that.  But none of these things are what went through my head today.   Continue reading

The Art of Anti-Evangelism

People leave the faith for many reasons.  Sometimes it’s a result of their own inquiries but sometimes they are helped along, their assent into skepticism and unbelief unwittingly mid-wifed by believers themselves. Psychologist Valerie Tarico, author of “Trusting Doubt: A Former Evangelical Looks at Old Beliefs in a New Light,” outlines how believers do just that in her article,”8 Ways Christian Fundamentalists Make People Convert — to Agnosticism or Atheism.” Continue reading

A Reading From The Gospel According To Robert Ingersoll

In the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a number of unrelated people from diverse and distant stations and geographies experience strange shared phenomena that none of them can explain or understand, and which suggests to those around them that they might actually be losing their marbles.  These people are ultimately driven to seek out and travel to the remote location where they have been “summoned.” Continue reading

Improv Friday – 5/11/2012 – “Isla”

Improv Friday is an online musical event where composers of all stripes gather to write and improvise every Friday. These are not “songs” as many are used to hearing from me, but improvised works or as the website says, works “with strong improvisational elements,” for those who have ears to hear. It’s a way to stay busy, sketch, experiment, generate ideas, keep creativity flowing, hear others’ work, learn more about my software and hardware, explore.   Continue reading