Undercover and The Broken Christmas

Here’s a short video on bringing Undercover together in 1988 to record Oh Come All Ye Faithful for the Broken Christmas album.  It was tricky!   We were not a functioning band, having gone off in different directions.  We not only brought the band together again in the midst of our hiatus, but also included Bill Walden in the recording.  It still sounds good after (gulp) 23 years!  There will be more clips sharing some stories, about the release and the artists involved.

The record is now available (legitimately) for the first time in at least 15 years, on Innocent Media/ Brainstorm Artists, distributed by Frontline Records.  You can finally pick up the whole record here.

15 thoughts on “Undercover and The Broken Christmas

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  2. One of my all time favs. The Undercover version of O come All Ye Faithful was a must play every Christmas for years on The Sound of Light radio show. I was ina Christian band in Highschool and we did a cover of the holidays silent night. Also a fav to this day. Gotta love Adam Again’s input as well. I had always wished the Level Heads Momento Mori was more like their Christmas stuff and i wished the Reign had music I could find as well.

  3. Followed your note to hear and was thrilled to find the song on the Anthology. Because it was a Christmas song I hadn’t given it much thought, …until this time of year. It was cool to see and hear some of the story behind the recording.Thanks.

  4. Late to the party on seeing this entry so far from Christmas season, but want to thank you for posting and inspiring me to listen once again. If I recall right, your mom sang on O come All ye Faithful, which brings me right back to English class with her. But as beautiful as the Undercover song and those memories are, it is Angels We Have Heard on High that most resonates with me after so many years. Something about Gene Eugene’s voice and the minor key really makes that version better than any other I’ve heard, and is particularly poignant for me after Gene’s death.

  5. Ojo,

    Brother, thanks for the memories !

    Wanted to say how we appreciate your ministry all those years ago.

    I grew up in So Cal & your ministry, that of Undercover & all the rest – Adam Again, Levelheads & many more played a key role in us remaining strong in the LORD !

    I now play my ‘old music’ for my 5 kids, it’s far cooler to them than the ‘grey’ CCM now getting airplay.

    I married my ‘youth-group sweetheart’ Sheri, with whom I would go to see you all at concerts at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa & all the other venues.

    LORD bless you in your current endeavors !

    David in East Texas

    PS: My blog covers Road bikes & racing & the fun our kids & us have hitting the road together.
    Pay me a visit sometime……..Peace in Jesus

  6. Ojo, any chance of getting this released on vinyl next Christmas. I’m sure it’s too late this year. Kick starters have been working well for this lately. Also wondering if The Holidays Everything is Now could be released on cd and or vinyl again?

    • Hey Bill,
      Sorry for the delay. On the Broken Christmas on vinyl, it’s unlikely I’d take something like that on first, because I don’t have the time really, and second, because that album is co-owned by me and Gene’s dad. We’re on perfectly good terms, but he’s a hard guy to reach and I haven’t talked to him in years. But time…
      It’s Gene’s dad that owns The Holidays records too, by the way, so any re-releases would have to be authorized by him. It’s possible Adel over at Frontline might be interested. She’s picked up other Brainstorm projects. You might want to drop a bug in her ear. Hope your Christmas was warm and cheerful. ~J

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